2017 Daily Schedule of Events.

June 30thst & July 1st, 2017


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Field demonstrations showcase good horses and the latest horse drawn equipment — the essence of Horse Progress Days.

Opening Presentation (You don’t want to miss this.) 8:00 a.m

Field Demonstrations 9:00 a.m
Field demonstrations traditionally begin with manure spreaders to be
followed by plows and all tillage equipment.

Produce Demonstrations 9:00 a.m
Plows and tillage, roto tillage, transplanting, cultivators, sprayers, no-till
cultivators, sprayers, no-till pumpkins, mulch lifter, irrigation and more

Lunch Break & International Presentation noon
Hear from some of our international guests and some of the organizations that work with Horse Progress Days to make an impact around the world.

Hay Demonstration 1:00 p.m.
Hay demonstrations traditionally begin with mowers from small to large, to be followed by rakes and balers, bale movers and wrappers.

Auction 4:00 p.m. Friday

Parade of Breeds 6:00 p.m. Friday • 5:00 p.m. Saturday


Seminars will take place throughout the day in the seminar area, the round pen, and the produce area.


Horse Progress Days will again be offering the Draft Horse Farming Exploratory classes.

The purpose of the workshop is to help those who might be interested in farming with horses to further explore the idea. It begins on Thursday, before the official start of the event on Friday, and concludes on Saturday. The first part of the day on Thursday is spent on things like horse psychology, (how horses think), grooming, collar and harness fitting, before actually hooking a team to a cart and driving. There’s lots of hands on handling of the horses, but ample time is spent in preparation. There is no place other than the annual Horse Progress Days where one could expect to find this level of expert horse and equipment knowledge and the opportunity to learn about it and practice it. Ferman Wengerd is part of the Pioneer Equipment family and one who has taken a keen interest in horses and how best to train and handle them. Kim Hadwin is a horse farmer and horse farming equipment dealer in Canada and a strong supporter of Horse Progress Days.

Thursday Evening: Get acquainted for those who have arrived.

Friday: Begins with the basics; horse psychology, anatomy, and grooming.
Harnessing safely, Collar fitting and hands on driving. Manure hauling and real field work with real horses and real equipment.

Saturday: More field work, plowing, and time in the Produce Patch.
Throughout, there will be time for interaction with the instructors
by way of questions and comments.

If you have questions, or to reserve your spot in the class, send $500 payable to Horse Progress Days to:
Ferman Wengerd (Teamster Introduction Class)
2429 S. West Leanon Road • Dalton, OH 44618 330-988-3596

Questions about the class may also be directed to:
Dale Stoltzfus 717-940-4412 logcab7@ptd.net


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