Welcome to the Horse Progress Days 2017.

2017 will be the 24th consecutive year for Horse Progress Days to be held, and it will be back to where it all started; Lancaster County, this time in Leola on the farm of Warren Nolt. The last time the event was held in this area was the first time that the produce equipment and growing demonstrations were held concurrent with the field demonstrations, and the first time that extra planning went into the event that could possibly be of higher interest to home makers than watching fieldwork. Home making activities, seminars, and resources have now become an important part of the event, and 2017 will be no exception. And, this year’s event at the Nolt farm, just next to the Leola Produce Auction site, guarantees a robust approach to produce growing workshops and activities. Warren Nolt has been on the forefront of this kind of farming for many years now. He and his sons run Nolt’s Produce Supplies nearby and Warren was very instrumental in setting up and helping to manage the produce auction in its beginning years and beyond. Lancaster County is home to a very large population of Amish farmers who farm with horses and mules. You may want to come early or stay over to take some time to travel around on the country roads that crisscross this county and take in the rolling farmland to the east, north, south, and west. There are horse farms scattered across the whole county, but the largest concentrations are to the east and south. There are many interesting shops and manufacturing facilities in a relatively small area; harness, equipment, hardware, housewares, and food stores. The city of Lancaster itself is an interesting place to visit with its many historic buildings including the Lancaster Central Farm Market in the middle of the city which is open on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. But most of all; be sure to enjoy yourself. With all of the equipment demonstrations, the seminars and workshops being offered, and all of the vendors to visit, it will be impossible to cover everything in one day. Come hungry, the food committee is planning a great menu. And stay safe!! The horses and the teamsters driving them are all very good at what they do but remember, horses can be unpredictable, they share this characteristic with their human counterparts. So be alert, watch out, and be sure to stay out of the way; stay back.

Perday admission price of $10. Children 12 and under are free when attending with an adult.

Mission Statement:

To encourage and promote the combination of animal power and the latest equipment innovations in an effort to support sustainable small scale farming and land stewardship.To show draft animal power is possible, practical and profitable.


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